Friday, December 03, 2004

Those Juggling Flamingos

Women in the juggling arts.

Google and Juggling

The problem with trying to find juggling info on google is that the word 'juggle' is almost never used for literal juggling. So you get tons of sites like "Lady juggles 2 children" or "Surgeon juggles hospital staff and medical school problems". And a plethora of sites about juggling taxes or juggling the books or juggling schedules. Ho hum...takes the word juggle back so jugglers can have it.

Juggling till I die.

I have been juggling since 1977. It was the perfect college activity to do between classes. I kept juggling year after year, only to find that I was getting older and older and the average age of jugglers was still 22-25. So here I am, still juggling at 46, still loving it, but not feeling a lot of other people my age to bond with. I meet a few jugglers my age (and older) at juggling festivals but still we are maybe in the 5 percentile. Why do people stop juggling? Do we get of an age where it just makes us feel too silly? Is it just not socially acceptable to be throwing your lunch around? Hmmm.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Juggling rings I crocheted for kid's shows. Posted by Hello
Wooden juggling balls I handpainted in animal prints. Posted by Hello
Five balls. The balls are made out of balloons and filled with rice. Honest. Posted by Hello
I used to pass clubs with other jugglers. I just don't seem to get much opportunity to do that anymore. If you live near Anaheim, CA (Disneyland) give me a jingle and we'll throw things at each other. Posted by Hello
Ring juggling. These are merlo rings from Juggle Bug named after juggler Larry Merlo. Posted by Hello
Posted by Hello
Juggle bunny is a blog where I post juggling related topics like my practice sessions, shows, conventions, vendors, how-to stuff, and related circus arts. Posted by Hello