Saturday, May 15, 2010

Juggling Video of Me

Me juggling clubs /pins. Singles I didn't warm up first and it was stinging my hands. I definitely need to get some thicker skin going.

Sat. Juggling

It's Sat. and a beautiful day for juggling. Only it slipped my mind. And the sun is setting. But if I hurry I can get some tosses in. So see you.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Getting Ready For World Juggling Day 2010

Getting ready for World Juggling Day on June 19, 2010 with some deadly and dangerous teddy bear juggling.

Why juggle? It makes me feel joyful.  It relieves stress.  It makes me feel young again. It fulfills my circus fantasies. It makes me money. It's more interesting exercise than a lot of things. I get to play with toys. People laugh. I get to follow my bliss. People remember me. It fights against gender and age stereotypes. It helps me feel like I'm in show biz. I get labeled talented a lot. It improves my balance. It gets me out of the house. It's fun.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Back to Juggling

I really need to start juggling again. I feel flabby and lethargic. I'm not sure what happened to my neighbor's dog but I noticed the front lawn no longer has dog droppings all over it, so maybe I can actually get some hooping and juggling done out there. It's really the only convenient place I have to practice. My backyard is too small and I don't want to have to drive to a park every time I need to practice for 20 minutes. I want to hone my skills before world juggling day on June 19. That way maybe I can actually pass clubs with someone.

Tom Mills asked me to pass with him at the camping trip last weekend, but he was entirely too busy with the archery shoot and the atlatl competitions. That man could clone himself four times over and still not have enough of him to go around.