Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Juggling tonight in Huntington Beach CA

Here is my new schedule. On Monday nights I'll go to the SCA fighter's practice in Long Beach and from 7 to 8 juggle (while it's still light out) and then from 8 to 9 belly dance.
On Tuesday nights I'll go to the fighter practice in Huntington Beach CA and juggle from 7 to 8 and belly dance from 8 to 9. So anyone that wants to jump in feel free to drop by. That's PM of course. It's not an official class, just a place to practice and improve my skills. If you are not in the SCA, that's okay, it's a public park. I just feel safer hanging with a group of people who are into creative things.

If you are coming to meet me, email me first so I can give you more precise directions. I don't want the whole world of weirdos to know where I am, if you know what I mean. novajugglers@gmail.com.

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