Thursday, December 08, 2011

Make Your Own Juggling Clubs

I think you might like my story. I met a homeless club  juggler who told me he got the directions on Youtube. When I first learned to juggle in 1977, we made our own clubs, much like these from directions in Carlo's Juggling Book. Eventually we got professional clubs, & I forgot all about DIY clubs. I've met so many ball jugglers without the resources to buy clubs and it never occurred to me to tell them to make their own. Now 34 years later, it seems DIY clubs are the green version and cool to own again.

Only in this version the handles are padded, which is a nice plus and ours were handle heavy, so I think the tennis ball on the end would help a lot with the balance. Now you have no excuse for not making clubs and then learning how to juggle them. Right?

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