Saturday, August 18, 2012

DIY Juggling Prop Ideas

For years I've been trying to wean myself off of plastic juggling equipment for those times when I am juggling at SCA events or Ren faires.   I've seen old art in the past that shows medieval jugglers doing toss juggling with sticks.  So yesterday at Lowe's I bought 3 lathed table legs to use as juggling pins (clubs). They have a screw end for screwing them into a table top.  So I decided to screw a wooden ball on each end.  The 3 legs were under $5 and the 3 balls, which I got at Michaels were $2 each.  They are doll heads and already have a hole in them.  So I need to epoxy the 2 parts together. I was just going to stain them and keep it simple, and maybe pad the handles with rags.  But my boyfriend thinks I should make a doll head out of the ball part.

Then I started thinking it would be fun to juggle cabbage. I told him that I meant real cabbage, but he says I could make the cabbage out of fabric so as not to waste food.  As usual I'm visualizing it one way and he's visualizing it another. I think it would be more theatrical to have the cabbage leaves flying off.

Also I've toyed with the idea of a pirate juggling show.  Out of the blue I think it would be strange and dark to juggle shrunken heads.  I've never seen anyone do that before.  I'd make them out of cloth or papier mache I guess. Anyway those are some ideas.

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